What is Just Us?

The ultimate goal of Just Us radio show is to feature interesting people from the Virgin Islands — private, non-profit, and public organizations who are making positive impacts within the community. The mission of the show is to build a stronger community and improve the lives of those who reside within. In keeping with our philosophy of shining the spotlight on individuals with positive messages and accomplishments, none of our guests are charged a fee to appear on the show. Guests are invited to share issues of concern and interest within the community and/or to promote their businesses and individual accomplishments. Just Us is hosted by Lawrence Boschulte and co-host by PhD Leonard Richardson III.

The first Just Us show was launched in March of 2013 on WSTA 1340AM. Just US has also been aired on 107.9FM, Radio One – 1000AM, and 970AM WUVI.  Since 2017, Just Us has been aired and can currently be heard on 90.9 FM (www.cbnvirginislands.com). In an effort to meet the needs of both territories, within months of moving to 90.9FM the management of Just US and the Caribbean Broadcast Network (headquartered in the British Virgin Islands) agreed to add a new program (Just Quelbe And Fungi Music) to the schedule. Just Quelbe and Fungi Music is aired every Sunday from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. Soon after adding Just Quelbe and Fungi Music, our schedule of programs was once again expanded on May 1, 2017 to feature a program that addresses local government topics of interest and concerns – Just Government.

Over its seven years of being on the air, Just Us has amassed a large following and has contributed to the community well beyond the microphone. Interestingly, and to our surprise, a by-product of our community engagements has not just been an increase in productivity; but has also permitted Just Us to contribute even more to the community. Just Us projects future outreach programs will allow us to address various emerging issues within our community. As we look towards the future of the community, our near-term goal is to provide targeted services to the elderly and to other individuals that are shut-in; thus, allowing us to continue to nurture and enhance pride among all the citizens of the Virgin Islands.