Community Activities

“Just Us” began as a talk show with immediate goals of achieving bigger things. Our initial community outreach effort was food sales on Saturdays. Since our early days we have branched out to now include Fridays or Sundays giveaways. The goal for the Friday or Sunday giveaways is to increase community interest and develop a lasting bond between “Just Us” and our fellow Virgin Islanders.

“Just Us” is proud to have been able to offer free soup to the singers and attendees on Christmas mornings. During the festive season “Just Us” was pleased to offer a hot cup of soup to warm the souls of choir members and individuals that gathered at 4:00 A.M. in Emancipation Gardens to entertain and bring goodwill to the community. The tradition of offering Christmas Morning Soup giveaways has continued for the last two years.

Early on, it became clear that as our presence broadens within the community the probability of our being able to offer additional programs would expand proportionally. Our community engagements have been beneficial to both “Just Us” and the community and it is with pride and determination that “Just Us” plans to begin assisting the elderly and shut in individuals, fixing small problems in the community, and more importantly continuing to create and increase local pride throughout the Virgin Islands.

“Just Us” wants to do more as we have determined that giving away hot soup outside the hospital would allow individuals to take something to their loved ones as they visit. Please join us by sharing some of your time to help share various soups and cereals with the community. “Just Us” needs your help, so you would like to assist, please contact us.

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